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Virgin Islands

Flag Bracelets Represent your Country!

Solid Waistbeads

Solid Waistbeads A Single Waistbead Color

Solid Deluxe Waistbeads

Solid Deluxe Waistbeads Solid Waistbeads with an extra flair

Mix It Up

Mix It Up Waistbead Mixes. Many Beautiful Combinations

Flag Waisbeads

Flag Waisbeads Repesent Your Country on Your Waist. Most Caribbean Island & Other Countries Available.

Crystal Waistbeads

Crystal Waistbeads Authentic Crystals With Meaning. Cleansed With Sage. Infused With Oils & Sound Bowl Energy.

Charm Waistbeads

Charmingly Beautiful Waistbeads With Our Logo & Other Charms


Nina's Chiqs

is a Handmade Beaded Jewelry Fashion line that features Waistbeads, Egyptian Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings & more. We are an all gender inclusive company.

The founder Chiquita and her co- founder daughter put their names together and created it in 2012 as a tribute to their Grandmother Nina who had recently transitioned. Our jewelry is carefully hand crafted and infused with loving energy.

Our goal is to take you on a journey of understanding how the stones along with your  intentions can be a tool used to help energy vibrations in a positive way. We use 3 different techniques in creating our products to help positive vibrations and enhance the healing process.  

They include:

  • Herbs and essential oils

  • Stones and crystals

  • Sound and vibrations

We'll continue our journey to pay it forward and steadily bring uplifting unity, love, balance, and peace into the universe. We invite you to grow with us. Upward and forward! #NinasChiqs

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